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Thursday, 17 October 2013


Do you like rubber? and I'm not talking about wearing it for recreational use? *wink wink*

Sorry, fun aside - this is one note that can really put me off in a whisky... which also showed in the recent Bunnahabhain review I did. What I'm getting at is, of course, the dreaded sulphur notes... Now, there are poeple who loves those notes, but I don't... I can live with light to moderate hints of the rubbery kind of sulphur and seems to be less sensitive to the stuck match kind, though I do pick it up. The sewer and rotten egg kind I get right away... but this is just me.

What kinds do you get? Do you get one kind more often than another? Or do you have tolerance levels as me?

Normally I break them down into 3 categories:
  • Vegitative/Swamp/Decay style
  • The rubbery kind - everything rubber, tyres, etc.
  • Spent fireworks, matchsticks, even metal shaving kind
That said, I also think the right amount of sulphury notes in a whisky can actually add to the experience - so maybe its not all bad? But as with everything else its only the bad stuff we seem remember, right?

Washbacks at Mortlach Distillery, May 1st 2010 © The Malt Desk
Mortlach 1990 76.34 (xx.06.1990/xx.07.2003) 'Carnations and Treacle' 13yo, 58,6%, 655 bottles, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Similar bottle shown

Colour is mahogany

Some mild sherry notes but also quite some rubbery ones as well :-O
Lots of coffee notes mixed in there too, even some pleasent barley notes com through here.
A little time produces some more rancio notes, leather and meaty kinds

Ouch, very rubbery and some bitter oloroso sherry - not to my liking at all :-(
I'll try and add some some water to bring out other notes and maybe drown the rubbery notes... zzzZZZzzz (waiting). Oranges then appear along with the same style coffee from the nose and the rubber moves at bit to the background.... but not far enough. This is even worse than the Bunnahabhain from the other day.

'Carnations and treacle' ?? In my book, this should be named 'Mistress Brünhilde serves coffee'

Let this one be an example on just how different we are when it comes to detecting sulphury notes...

Again, thanks to GNJ for the sample. This also concludes the run of SMWS bottles for now.


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