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Monday, 7 October 2013


We're back with my evil spirits, grains (get the pun?)... that being bourbons/ryes and grains.

This next one is just that... a Scottish grain, but from a distillery I find to produce a slightly spicier style of grain whisky - North British.

Located pretty much almost downtown Edinburgh and very close to a rugby and a football stadium (that's soccer to the US readers) and even close to some residential neighbourhoods, the distillery is using 3 continuous stills, being fed up to 40.00 liters of wash every hour and, at the other end, delivering grain whisky at an amazing 94,5% alcohol. Its not stored on site, but at Muirhall which is halfway between Edinburgh and Glasgow and gets there by road (tanker).

Once there, its diluted to 68,5% before being put into casks.

The one I'm about to review is still pretty high in alcohol volume, but this may be because its from a sherry butt (European oak), which usually is less porous than American oak and with that less likely to loose alcohol.

Google maps provides a good look at the production site here

Anyway, enjoy my review...

North British 1990 G1.7 (xx.12.1990/xx.xx.2010) 19yo 'Flaming Christmas Pudding' 62,4%, 506 bottles, Refill ex-sherry butt, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Colour is amber

Varnish (alcohol) and vanilla oak. After 10 drops of water and 15mins, mocha chino and even grapefruits appears. Still carries lots of sugary sweetness mainly burnt brown sugar /creme brulee style.

Much more expressive with coconut, spices, ginger, some heavy tropical fruit, peach/nectarines, but also still lots of varnish - even after quite a bit of water.
The sherry influence is there, all right, but it kind of gives a more bitter edge to it.

Phew, although kind of pleasant, this still doesn't do it for me...

Thanks to GNJ for the sample


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