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Saturday, 23 November 2013


Phew, lots of words have been expressed about Highland Park since they started with the storytelling from old Norse mythology and Orkney sagas. Honestly, I think its pretty cool cause I like stuff like that, but I don't like paying for it in my whisky. I just want good whisky!

I like like Highland Park very much and I still have very fond memories of going to the Orkneys and I will definitely be going again sometime. Stunning scenery and historical sites... oh, and Highland Park - even though they need to cater some more for us anoraks and not just the businessman passing through the airport buying some expensive whisky as he passes to catch his next flight!

That said, I really like the Valhalla Collection, but I could do without the Longship packaging. It just makes the whole thing about £15/$30/€20 more expensive... as if whisky isn't getting expensive enough :O

The Stones of Stenness, just a short distance from the Ring of Brodgar, August 5th 2009 © The Malt Desk
Highland Park 1990 (13.12.1990/07.02.2013) 22yo, 51,9%, sherry butt#15702, 405 bottles, Signatory

Colour is light amber

Ohh, lovely Highland Park profile... Very honeyed and floral, fried/grilled meats, citrus (oranges) and malt. In the background some very faint notes of yeast.

Very light arrival, much lighter than expected. Starting in crisp barley to the breaking point, very citrussy, apples even, honey again... A malty middle with salt and peat and some oaky peppery finish

A lighter Highland Park than expected, especially on the sherry, but it works well even if the notes seem a bit simple

Certainly a Cask Strength rival to the official 21yo...


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