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Thursday, 19 December 2013


Previous review of a young Glentauchers brought us close a small row of houses know as Mulben and the town og Keith. Now, if we move head about 2½ east from Glentauchers, we'll find one of the most peculiar looking distilleries in Scotland - built in 1972 in a Gothic style!

Auchroisk is a huge industrial complex and its whisky mainly goes into owners, Diageo's blends.
When visiting the place in 2011 during the Speyside Festival, they were storing close to 250.000 casks on site and their production volume surpassed 5.500.000 liters of spirit annually - so huge place!! Huge... all that spirit comes off 8 stills in an impressive stillhouse, though sadly being Diageo - in which absolutely no photography was allowed.

Well, not being able to take any pictures doesn't change the fact that today's whisky is great stuff! Otherwise living a pretty anonymous existence, Auchroisk suddenly became a part of Diageo's Annual Special Releases in 2010 - a series that also carries prominent names like Port Ellen, Brora and Lagavulin (silly priced, of course).

Auchroisk, being ugly duckling, is not fetching that silly prices and luck smiled to us here in Denmark when we while back had a supermarket sell these at a heavy discount (around £65 if I remember correctly) ... and not only Auchroisk - they also sold the Benrinnes 23yo 2010 release and Pittyvaich 20yo 2010 release for the same price. Anoraks stampeded to the shops in those days...

So, you're waiting to read if they can they make decent whisky at Auchroisk? They can!!

Auchroisk Distillery, April 29th 2011 © The Malt Desk
Auchroisk 20yo 58,1%, Mix of American and European oak, bottle 2646 of 5856, Distillery bottling, Diageo Special Release 2010

Colour is light amber

This has changed alot since opened, all for the better though its never been anywhere near bad!
At first it presents a sour note and then a heavy malty theme - and this has certainly not become any less now... and since its reached a fairly low level in the bottle and I've become very well aquainted with it, fresh fruits basket, orange in particular, papaya, vanilla, fresh grist and a nip of oak spices stands out to me.

For 58,1% abv its has a pretty creamy arrival. Then peppery spices and overripe fruits and nuttiness takes over. Water brings out more spices and the whole thing goes into malt and fruit overdrive... Oranges, bitter/sour apples, a touch of pot ale and something floral to finish it off...

An overlooked dram, for sure...! and still available at tad under double of what I paid for it - even with a £40 discount!


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