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Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Yes, another Bunnahabhain - sorry folks, but I really like Bunna ;-) and I've really wanted to try this release since it was first announced. Why? 'cause most of the previous releases in the Archives series have been anywhere from good to fantastic. To those of you that don't know the 'Archives'-series, its bottlings done by the boys who run Whiskybase.com - the, by far, the biggest online whisky database there is.

This bottling has gotten great reviews already and I had hoped to reviews this sooner, but thats what I get for previously tasted stuff first ;-) oh, well...

Here's my review:

Bunnahabhain - The spiritual home of Black Bottle, October 8th 2008 © The Malt Desk 
Bunnahabhain 1987 26yo (xx.11.1987/xx.10.2013) 50,2%, cask#2557, 233 bottles, Archives - 'The Fishes of Samoa'

Colour is nutty brown

Quite aggressive on the alcohol, IMO... but once it gets a chance to settle down, it gives off a bit of mint, wet tobacco, brown sugar, fresh prunes, burnt caramel, cinnamon, nutmeg, wood shavings and tangerines

A very spicy sherry edge to it, so dry my lips keep smacking to produce more saliva. Very drying, but in a funny way that first makes your mouth water, then dry, then water and dry again. Kinda like when you at a young age did the obligatory dare with your friends to eat a spoonful of cinnamon - the taste of which can also be found in this whisky. Also herbs, spices, malt, dark Toblerone chocolate, nutmeg again along with coffee and nuts. A little bit of sulphur of the matchstick kind mid/end palate gives this one a mightier kick.

This is great sherried whisky, no doubt that would have reached a magical level have it had a little less oak/drying effect in there... The whisky can be found at the whiskybase online shop.

Finally, thanks to RM for the sample.


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