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Friday, 27 December 2013


One of the best whiskies I had in 2011 was a sherried Rosebank, so when I got handed a sample of this, I must admit that my expectations went up a bit.

But oh, dear :( as much as I love the iconic lowland distillery and the house style of Rosebank with grass, hay, honey, vanilla and soft fruit, this one just wouldn't do it for me - why? have a read below...

Rosebank 1991 (25.01.1991/xx.04.2013) 22yo, 55,2%, sherry cask#271, Mackillop's Choice

Colour is dark amber

Very closed with a few honey and sherry notes. Some notes from the mixed spice rack above t he stove. The sherry seems to overpower the spirit here... with time a fruit/varnish note appears, mainly of the overripe kinda fruits sort as well as a mashy note.

Malt... then varnish, herbs and an almost 80's Bowmore-ish flowery/soapy note... FWP (French Whores Perfume - to the unfamiliar readers) backed by oriental spices, mixed peppers, bitter sherry and a distinct dryness.

If you like the perfumy 80s Bowmores, you'll like this one - I don't...
You can almost drown the FWP out with water and only because if that it just barely hits...


Thanks to RM for the 'experience' (sample) ;-)

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