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Monday, 13 January 2014


Lets just do a quick'n'dirty review of this Ardbeg. I won't rant on the marketing, pricing or anything this time... but only leave you with a word of advice - that is to think twice - or even more before joining the hype around this distillery that attracted so many followers over the years - many from reading that heathen book by that English whisky writer that likes bourbon better than scotch this year and by the whisky gods who knows next year...

I'd better get started on my review before I get myself too caught up in a rant anyway....

Ardbeg Uigeadail served in the Ardbeg Visitors Centre, October 8th 2008 © The Malt Desk
Ardbeg 1992/2007 15yo, 51,6%, Scott's Selection

Colour is white wine

Suprisingly medicinal - one would maybe expect this one to come from the distillery closest to the village of Port Ellen (Laphroaig). After a short while, crispy light peat, lemon and grass and soot appear. Kinda like a mix between a smoke house and a chimney.

Again very light, lemon oil this time and the peat now gets very up front, though still very delicate and crisp, almost floral. Leaving this one in the glass makes it go very gristy/mashy direction - almost like sticking your nose in the Ardbeg mashtuns. The finish is on smoke fish, spices (mainly the peppery kind) and sweet peat.

Not the greatest of Ardbegs, but not bad either


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