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Friday, 28 March 2014


Tomorrow, saturday 29th March is the day of the Danish Whisky Fair this year... and I was really set on going this year as I wasn't there last year.

BUT... and there's always a but...

The Danish whisky forum (whiskynyt.dk) recently sprouted a thread about what the exhibitors are bringing to the fair - and of course also the pricing. This, of course, also made me take a look at what will be served at the stands... and frankly, for an anorak with 5½ hours of train travel to/from the fair and quite a few malts under the belt, its just not good enough!

I spoke to a credible person in the retail chain today and he told me that the reason one of the larger importers here in Denmark doesn't attend any more, is the fair is now about lots more than just whisky. It's trinkets, guys with chain saws carving wood sculptures etc. - the whisky just don't have 100% attention any more... and this is a major importer we're talking about here !!

We're now seeing more and more rum too - (Att: Importers - it's not the Danish Rum Fair, guys !!!)
It's either that, or I've already tried many of the dram being served there. In fact, I found just 3-4 stands out of app. 40 that will be serving whiskies of interest to me... and the exclusive bar is just overpriced for a whole day out and since bourbon is not really my thing either, I'm not exactly spoiled for choice.

So, sorry guys - I'm giving this year a miss too... and unless the programme picks up next year (unlikely, IMO, with whisky skyrocketing these day) I won't be going then either.

A couple of tickets for this years fair that won't get used, March 28th 2014 © The Malt Desk

Among the exhibitors, though, I would like to point out a few that DO have what seems to be a good stand with fair prices and most importantly a fairly good or even great selection. One of them is the Scotch Malt Whisky Society Denmark stand and the other importer FC Whisky that, among others, bring Adelphi, Signatory and Kilchoman to Denmark. Keep up the good work, guys!! (and NO, I do not get better priced whiskies for mentioning these guys).

Again, we're seeing the new trend in whisky, kicking in here. It's whisky for the masses, not the anoraks - at least not one that has 5½ hours of train travel to attend - and with the risk of sounding like a know-it-all, I just can't be bothered with the less than interesting bottling lineup.

You need to rethink the concept, IMO...

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