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Sunday, 23 March 2014


Its time meet Thorfinn, the last of the Highland Park Warriors. We're looking at a dark sherried warrior here, the one with the highest content of first fill sherry casks of the range (see below)... Again no age is stated on the bottle.

As with the other bottlings in the series, there's a story connected to the name and supposedly Thorfinn was the greatest of them, which is why this bottling came last. Marketing/storytelling at its best ;-)

Priced at €1000, I really glad to have the opportunity to taste this is its way above my whisky budget threshold - in fact its more than double the amount I've ever paid for a whisky.

The Mighty Ring of Brodgar on Orkney Mainland - August 5th 2009 © The Malt Desk
Highland Park 'Thorfinn' NAS 45,1%, Distillery bottling (travel retail 70cl)

Colour is nutty brown

Initially on sherry/dark fruits, lovely spicy European oak influence here. Also other fruits in play here - brown banana, overripe oranges, then hardwood and eucalyptus notes accompanied by some herbal notes along with a puff of smoke. The wine/dark fruit notes are the dominant notes, though.

Gentle arrival turning spicy almost immediately. Again herbal and winey and a little phenolic even. A very heavy sherry profile with just a hint of something dirty (yes, the s-word - but then I'm very sensitive to this). Mid-palate it produces some similar tropical fruit notes also found in the 'Ragnvald'-bottling only to return to an almost px sherry/madeira style sweetness, chocolate and cigar box notes. On the finish a little tropical fruit comes out again, but dries off quickly.

This is very spicy and has some burst of oak that I sometimes feel goes a little over the top. It's multi layered for sure, and I feel the work of some younger very active sherry casks in this one, that sometimes take over the show a bit - mind you its purely a guess and strictly my own opinion, but there's not doubt its still very good whisky.

I was splitting hairs with this one and the 'Ragnvald' as the best of the 3, but after tasting the 'Thorfinn' again, I'm gonna declare it a tie...

As mentioned above, its priced at around €1000 in travel retail


Official sample provided by Highland Park

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