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Sunday, 13 April 2014


Its time for another another malt whos original bottlings are only seen as sherry cask matured versions... Aberlour. Think most of us love the uncompromising A'Bunadh - a brute force young-ish NAS cask strength sherry monster, released in batches - so far up to batch#47...

Like I mentioned with Glendronach in my previous review, there have been duds among the A'bunadh batches too (sulphur), but guess that just can't be avoided. The other standard bottlings of Aberlour are bottled at 40-43% abv, so not so much fun in those, IMO... though they are all decent drams.

If you get a chance to visit this charming little distillery, don't miss out your chance to 'Bottle your own' Aberlour. They usually have 2 options available, a sherry and a more bourbon matured version. These are usually aged between 14-16 years and are still good value for money. Last time I bottled a couple was in August 2012 and they were £65/bottle then.

Also the staff there (in 2012) were very forthcoming and enthusiastic about their whole setup, so again a thumbs up for that. I've passed the distillery a couple of times since, but not stopped by for a tour since, so please make up your own mind about the place when/if you visit... :-)

The small stills at Aberlour Distillery, September 26th 2010 © The Malt Desk
Aberlour 1989 23yo 54,9%, 2 ex-bourbon hogheads, 522 bottles, Cadenhead Small Batch

Colour is full straw

Vanilla, mellow feel to the nose, eucalyptus (tooth paste), fresh mown grass, some mineral notes and anis peeping through along with a handful of fruit.

Creamy, lovely easy malty edge, bit of oak spice, honey, white garden fruits, mainly apple, but also tangerines and raspberry in there. Experiencing just a slight tongue burn on the finish, but nothing to upset the very nice experience this one delivering.

A nice 2 cask vatting for sure, this one


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