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Friday, 11 April 2014


Glendronach has, in whisky circles, been called the new Macallan... and rightly so. It carries the heavily sherried style that is now gone from Macallan except for a few very high priced bottlings, ripe only for the collectors market.

Glendronach, on the other hand, is still with reach of the many, though we are beginning to see the distillery realising their potential - bottlings have seen a rise, especially the past year or so as the distillery have grown ever more popular.

Like Macallan, Glendronach produces a heavier style spirit, as in more oily and mouth filling and enhanced by (mostly, there have been some duds) good and even great sherry casks, its obvious to see why Glendronach have quickly gathered a huge fan crowd.

Also like Macallan, we sometimes see the occasional Glendronach ex-bourbon cask escape the blenders grasp and its one such I'll review below...

Dronach Burn and warehouses, April 30th 2011 © The Malt Desk 
Glendronach 1990 23yo, 53,9%, ex-bourbon cask, 162 bottles, Cadenhead Authentic Collection

Colour is straw

Vanilla, licorice, ginger, spicy, fresh cut bell peppers, apple and gooseberries

Spicy and lighter than expected. lemon and black pepper, vanilla and ginger again, bitter almonds and black olives - very mouth filling and oily

A good dram - no doubt and I will take a second pour if offered, but there's quite an oaky nip to this one and its not quite in full balance.


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