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Sunday, 27 April 2014


Time flies, again 1 week has gone by without a post here on The Malt Desk :-O

It has not been an unfruitful one, though, with regards to whisky, but more on that in a later post which will feature whisky and chocolate pairing as those of you who follow my Facebook page and/or @TheMaltDesk on twitter might have noticed from posts from this past Thursday.

Anyway, it's straight on to the review of a good one from the huge Pernod Ricard/Chivas Bros. distillery Glenlivet. Like Aberlour Distiller has the A'Bunadh mentioned in the previous review, Glenlivet also manages to have an interesting bottling in their standard range called Nàdurra. It's a 16yo bottling doing what the whisky anoraks love, which is providing you with an unchill filtered cask strength bottling at a reasonable price - thumbs up for that! It's also bottled in batches like the A'bunadh, so same setup there by the owner Pernod Ricard/Chivas Bros.

This is also a good bottle to review leading up to the Spirit of Speyside Festival that kicks off next Thursday May 1st and runs through to May 5th with alot of events/tastings and distillery tours. If you're there and see me, do come and say hi! :-)

The impressive bottle spiral at the Glenlivet Distillery Visitor's Centre, May 4th 2013 © The Malt Desk
Glenlivet Nàdurra 16yo 55,1% Batch 1110L, Distillery Bottling

Colour is straw

Vanilla, pear, grass, pleasant floral notes, bit of honey, grilled banana, loads of sweetness carried through on mainly fruits and vanilla and a dash of oak spice.

The palate brings other pleasantries like marzipan and white chocolate, but vanilla again fruit are the driving forces in this whisky. Sometimes  notes of fresh cut grass, lime and lemon peel shows it self. Give this some water and a more malty edge appears along with more oak spice as well.

This is a very nice dram for a readily available malt! I'll give it another thumbs up!


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