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Saturday, 31 May 2014


Glen Grant Distillery in the village of Rothes in Speyside is quite a large distillery, but its tucked well away at the north west end of the village. It does have its own exit on the village round-about, so getting there is quite easy...

The distillery was founded back in 1840 and was up until somtimes in the early 1970s still in family hands. Then ownership went to what later became Pernod Ricard/Chivas Bros up until 2005 when Italian drinks company Campari bought the distillery and now produces around 6.000.000 liters of spirit per year. Much of this is actually sold in Italy at a very young and refreshing 5 year old, supposedly drinking well over ice in the Italian summer. Today, I'm sure Pernod Ricard wish they'd never sold off Glen Grant now that demand is increasing everywhere.

Being such a large distillery casks go out to the independent bottlers as well, most noticeable Gordon & Macphail in Elgin, who, for quite some years now, have bottled and sold Glen Grant for the company. This, however, will, if not already, soon come to a stop as the distillers themselves can offload it all these days.

This review from another indie bottler, though, and a favourite of mine - Adelphi.

Glen Grant still house, April 29th 2011 © The Malt Desk

Glen Grant 1992 21yo, 56,6%, ex-bourbon barrel#141974, 219 bottles, Adelphi

Colour is straw

Fresh malted barley, apples and pears, some cookie dough, has a very fresh feel to it and also somewhat of a young'ish feel as well- like there's been very little cask influence going on here.

Very sugary, pears again, avocado and some notes of baking and cereal, very little spice and a burst of citrus and a little mouth burn on the finish. Its all just too well behaved for me... but its still god whisky.

I'd say again this comes from a fairly inactive cask, which can sometimes be fun... but this time its just a bit on the dull side


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