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Monday, 2 June 2014


This is the first Bladnoch I'll be reviewing here, which is quite odd really, as I've had a few over the past couple of years of running The Malt Desk...

Bladnoch is the southern most distillery in Scotland, all the way down to the south west in Galloway just outside Wigtown. Getting there is quite a drive as its mostly smaller roads leading there, but once there you get that its really quite a tranquil place.

Most will have picked up on the Bladnoch Distillery chatter going around at the moment, a chatter concerning sales of the place, but nothing finite at this moment and AFAIK its still open for offers...

The whisky at Bladnoch is sometimes a tad more oily in style (in my book, at least) than the rest of the Lowland distilleries up near Edinburg, Falkirk (Rosebank, Littlemill, St. Magdalene) and Glasgow and some great bottling have come out of there over the past few years even though its from the old stock, from before the current owner(s) was distilling.

As the distillery is currently up for sale, its still unsure what will happen to the place but I do hope it'll not be lost/mothballed...

Let's try a bottling from the old regime when United Distillers (now Diageo) owned the place...

Bladnoch Distillery, May 6th 2010 © The Malt Desk

Bladnoch 1990 50.54 (10.07.1990) 23yo 'Jam Session' 50%, Refill ex-bourbon barrel, 104 bottles, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Colour is straw

Some varnish/paint thinner notes, grape fruit, honey, hay, fresh cut grass, overripe banana, passion fruits and white rum

Medium light in style, crisp malt arrival turning into tropical fruits, again passion fruits and banana, but also pineapple and mango - all running well into the finish. Varnish sometimes pops up on the finish, but a little water kills it off, including on the nose, bringing out a hint of sour instead.

It's one of those whiskies with very little cask influence - a trait I've seen in a few bottles lately.
I love this Bladnoch, but I'm not sure its a whisky for everyone...


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