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Monday, 9 June 2014


I've covered Highland Park quite a few times here on The Malt Desk already, so I'll skip right to the review...

Highland Park 1988 23yo (16.06.1988/xx.03.2012) 50,8%, cask#716, Mackillop's Choice

Colour is full straw

Similar bottle is shown

Sweet bourbon cask and honey notes, vanilla, fresh fruit and a little peat and ashy note?. Also a bit of old wood notes - maybe bung cloth and a bit of almonds??
Not very expressive - even with water added...

Now there's the fruit... it goes from oranges over apple to pineapple and honey dew melon. Cask spice nip and vanilla, vague hint of scent kind of artificial flowers you get for decorative purposes, only on the palate here... sounds weird, but its not unpleasant in any way.
Bit of cherry note in there as well, showing itself on the finish along with a hint of ginger and oak...

The palate is certainly more expressive than the nose on this one and saves it, making this a good Highland park... and since I don't give ½ point it'll still reaches a respectable...


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