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Thursday, 26 June 2014


They say that every distillery is capable of producing decent and, maybe, even good whisky, its just a matter of the combination of good spirit and casks that's not really a secret... However, if you're not able to have these two most important factors work, I'm afraid its all uphill from there... and this is sadly how it is with the Speyside Distillery.

Located on the very edge of Speyside, across the A9 main road and not far from the village of Kingussie and the beautiful ruins of the Ruthven Barracks, the distillery is, once you get there, a pretty little spot with old fashioned stone buildings and water wheel - kind of a miniature of Strathisla Distillery in Keith... but that's where the similarities stop...

I've never really had a good whisky from Speyside Distillery, but I've always wanted to give this Distillery a second (or third or fo..) chance - and when I was offered a sample of a cask bottled by one of my favourite bottlers, Cadenhead, I was yet again up for the challenge.
Previously, I've only subjected my tastebuds to distillery bottlings, incl. their blend Drumguish ... and sadly, I've been far from impressed :-/

Let's see how this one fares...

Everything is under one roof at the Speyside Distillery, May 2nd 2011 © The Malt Desk

Speyside Distillery 1994 15yo (bottled xx.06.2009), 64,6%, ex-bourbon hogshead, 200 bottles, Cadenhead Authentic Collection

Colour is straw

Similar bottle shown

Wow, heavy on the alcohol, of course - Let's start by taking this one for a swim *splash* Much better - more approachable now with vanilla and licorice and anise notes, some glue notes, green soda sports drink, grass, candied onions (if there is such out there?? :-O) custard and some few notes of something i can only describe as floral... Much more pleasant and expressive than expected

Oak and malt and actually quite thin on the palate, except for the alcohol with almost no notes carried through from the nose. It's hot! and not as in hot due to the alcohol abv% but more like a bad spirit cut. As already mentioned, malt is in here and a little lemon/orange notes, ginger powder and then vanilla and more glue and sappy notes and maybe a little raspberry on the far finish

Another Speyside Distillery bottling not really doing it for me, I'm afraid :-(
It's drinkable with alot of water added, though

I've had far more enjoyable whiskies. Anyway, thanks to Kalle for the sample!


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