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Thursday, 17 July 2014


I've previously reviewed a few Craigellachies on here and all have been very good.

During the Spirit of Speyside Festival this May, I spotted this bottle in that 'Whiskyshop (in) Dufftown' ;-) and I decided to buy it, without having a taste first. Something I only rarely do with sherry matured whiskies as I'm quite sensitive to especially the rubber style sulphury notes that some sherry casks produce.

Quite honestly, this could be a hit as well as a miss and I admit to getting carried away a bit when buying this... and at £75/€90 its still a significant cash-out on something you're not complete sure of. Now what I was sure of is the quality of spirit coming from Craigellachie Distiller and the good reputation of the bottler Douglas Laing, so I went for it...

So did I spend my hard earned money on a dud?

The washbacks at Craigellachie Distillery, May 2nd 2011 © The Malt Desk

Craigellachie 1995 17yo 48,4% sherry butt#DL10052, 348 bottles, Douglas Laing - Old Particular

Colour is amber

Sweet and clean non-invasive sherry. A mellow cooked and overripe apple note lurks just beneath the sherry coating. Also Ginger Ale and mint in there along with some spices, nutmeg and cumin being the most noticeable ones. It also has a strange salty and slight ozone edge to the nose - quite interesting!

Sweet arrival, turning drying and then followed by notes of orange, some chocolate and those apples again. It then goes from drying to creamy and mouthwatering and even slightly waxy at times. The apple is this turns very much to be like the ones you've stuffed and cooked your duck with in the oven for Xmas. Add to that a little sandalwood and at times hint of Irn'Bru!! How Scottish is that?!?!

Now, I've previously found resemblance to Clynelish in some Cragellachie bottling - this is another, although not as prominent in this one.

Another great Craig, this one - so good I just ordered another bottle of it to save for a rainy day!


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