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Sunday, 10 August 2014


Not long ago I reviewed the new Glengoyne Cask Strength Batch 2 - a bottling that replaced the old 12yo Cask Strength version... and by chance I just recently stumbled across a version of the old 12yo version, so in the name of whisky science, I had to get one of the those to compare with...

In my previous post you'll find, that I don't mind a NAS whisky, as long as it carries the qualities that the batch 2 version does (and I'm told the batch 1 is even better)... but it'll now come down to if 12 years of maturation does wonders or if its just a number within the Glengoyne hierarchy - 'cause the batch 2 is really good!

My recent purchase for comparison purposes ;-) © The Malt Desk

Glengoyne 12yo Cask Strength 57,2%, Distillery bottling

Colour is light amber

Hello there, much more sherry evident that in the CS batch 2... but I guess that's a dead give away anyway looking at the colour, which is the natural colour, so no E150 caramel colouring added - this has not been chill filtered either, BTW.

As with sherry influences at this level, there's the usual dried fruit notes in here, slightly dirty notes that goes away after a short while, lots of malt and oak spices, in fact pretty noticeable oak spices - but they're never over the top. The whole thing calms down after a while revealing an underlying vanilla and honey chocolate bar sweetness and incredible clean crisp malt, just like in the batch 2

Very mouth filling... again with the spices and sherry on full frontal attack here. Very nice, indeed! Raisins, honey, oranges, walnut bitterness, back to honey and malt, strong tea and a rush of oak spices, mainly peppery ones and spirit soaked plums.

Phew, this is hard call to make... I like both the style of the NAS Cask Strength version and this one... but I also like my sherried whisky and, unlike in the NAS Cask Strength version, I do not get slight feinty notes and this 12yo seem like a more balanced whisky compared to the NAS version.

Like in my previous review, I don't give ½ points, which would have made this one climb to 87½... but it still isn't good enough to make it to 88...

87/100! ...because the styles are so close, yet so far a part...

Remember to compare the above with my review of the Cask Strength Batch 2 from July 23rd this year... you'll find that here

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