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Monday, 27 October 2014


The Malt Desk has been silent for a little over 2 weeks now. Its been mainly because of my holiday to Scotland and some of you may have enjoyed the pictures I put up on The Malt Desk Facebook page. So if you're on Facebook, please go like the page to keep up with whats happening here :-)

The good news is that I'm back with a bag full of shopping (whisky, of course!) and new travels under my belt... that and some nice evenings out in Glasgow, Craigellachie and Edinburgh with some people from both the Danish, American and Scottish whisky community.

Thanks, guys! (you know who you are). It was great to meet you all!

I also brought back a cold that decided to set in this past Friday evening - the day after hosting a fantastic sherry whisky tasting in the whisky club. (phew... good timing, huh?). Let's just hope it clears up for the upcoming weekends tasting of some of the bottling from the latest Scotch Malt Whisky Society Denmark outturn... :-O

Today was the day that the day job was calling again, so this seemed like a nice time to start adding stuff to the blog again, but since the olfactory system pretty much out of commission at the moment, its going to be a note from my little black book...

Scapa Distillery and Warehouses from the road, August 5th 2009 © The Malt Desk

Scapa 1993/2013 20yo 58,6% Batch SC20 007, Chivas Cask Strength Edition-series, Distillery bottling

Colour is full straw

Vanilla, salty, hint of strawberry, white chocolate, apple, slight Danish marzipan note in there as well along with a dash of oak and lemon.

Very salty, then a rush of sweetness... vanilla again, barley sugar, confectionery, malt, hint of bitter oak, fruit salad - peach and apple mainly and orange marmalade.

Delicious dram! and thanks to Kalle for the sample!


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