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Sunday, 30 November 2014


Key words here are:

Demolished Speyside distillery, there's a hype around bottlings from 1972, used to be called Glen Grant#2, had a pipe with new make spirit going across the road to the filling store... I'm, of course, talking about the Caperdonich Distillery as you might already have guessed from the headline ;-)

The production from those years, almost all went into blends, but some casks escaped the blending vat, making it possible for us to try lost malts like this one today...

Here's my view on this 20yo expression...

Caperdonich 1992 20yo 46%, ex-bourbon cask#121125, Berry Bros & Rudd

Colour is pale straw

Vanilla, fruit and berries, mandarin, peeled grapefruit and gooseberries, grassy and a distinct oaky edge. Seems a little 'hot' on the nose...

Oak spices, quite peppery actually, short malt rush, then a burst of fruit which quickly rushes off again. A very strange palate if you ask me - it seems a bit out of balance and actually quite spirity and hot at 46%. The addition of water takes away some of the heat and gives the fruits a bit more time to linger and also produces some faint licorice notes along with hint of pineapple.

This certainly needs water and once it had some it becomes a decent dram... but still lacking some balance, though...


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