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Sunday, 16 November 2014


I've already reviewed another bottle from this batch, a 2002 12 matured in a Pedro Ximenez cask - you can read that review by clicking hereIt's now time for a review of the one of only two Oloroso sherry casks released in the Glendronach Single Cask Batch 10... they were a 1992 and 1993 and this will be a review of the 1993, which proved to be, well, another excellent cask from 1993.

Sadly, recent dealings and correspondence with importers and owners Benriach Distillery Group has made clear that we'll not be seeing any more single casks of 1993 sold through individual dealers/shops etc.
Also casks from the 70s are under the same ban - apparently this is a move by the Benriach Distillery Group to preserve whatever stock left from those years. I will not be speculating any further into this, but my guess is we haven't seen the last... it is, as with everything else, just a matter of enough money being put on the table...

One can only speculate as to why the 1993 vintage from Glendronach seems to have pushed the boundaries and set the standard for how many Glendronach fans wants their whisky to be. Did they just make really good spirit at the distillery that year? Or is it the casks from that year? Did Glendronach source those from a specific bodega in Spain? and did that bodega have a good year too, getting good casks from their suppliers too? and did they have a really good wine they poured into their casks that year

Back then you also casks shipped to distilleries in one piece...you didn't break them down into staves and shipped them to save space and then have them re-coopered once they reached Scotland. Not disassembling them certainly help keep the casks fresh and made sure they wouldn't go through a new charring and scraping before being filled with spirit.

One things for sure, the casks play a huge role in the maturation of any whisky and getting the right sherry casks are a deal breaking demand for a distillery like Glendronach with their heavy sherry profile... Anyway, we'll probably never know as the possibilities are endless...

Meanwhile, lets enjoy some of the 1993s already released, most of them have been little crackers! :-)

Glendronach Warehouse Tour and an ex-bourbon cask Glendronach May 6th 2012 © The Malt Desk
Glendronach 1993 21yo (19.02.1993/xx.06.2014) 55,8%, ex-Oloroso sherry butt#494, 635 bottles, Distillery bottling

Colour is dark nutty brown

Is this the Oloroso cask that wanted to be a Pedro Ximenez cask? its certainly very sweet and not the drier Oloroso I was expecting, not at all carrying that nutty or drying oak I was expecting on the nose...

Instead, its a much sweeter (you already said that!) I'm getting reduced tomato sauce, cloves, burnt candied almonds, nutmeg and fresh made cappucino and marinated plums (thanks for letting us try those recently Palle!)

Fruity and honey'ed edge - again different from the profile I expected, but thats good :-)
Orange, peel, more coffee (latte), slight earthy notes, rum soaked raisins, candied and burnt/overcooked apple, Tiramisu and Creme de Chocolat and green Haribo wine gums (Don't know here they came from!) Finishes on a burst of oak and a dusting of paprika.

Another great, if a bit different, cask of 1993 Glendronach. I like the liquid sweet dessert style in this one... 


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  1. This might explain why the whisky tasted like it had been matured in a PX cask (it probably was!): http://myannoyingopinions.com/2014/02/14/glendronach-confusion-single-cask/