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Sunday, 23 November 2014


A week ago I reviewed a 1993 from the 10th Batch of the Glendronach single cask releases... and what a treat :-)

Now, as a follow up to that one, here's another review of a 1993 expression. This time, it's one of the fabled Distillery only hand bottlings, available from only in the Glendronach Distillery Visitor's Centre.

I recently covered the increase in price of many of the Distillery Only Hand bottlings available out there in this review, but I failed to mention the Glendronach in that one...

Actually, Glendronach has seen probably one of, if not, the biggest increase in price for their 1993 hand bottling going from around £80 in 2010 to reaching £120 in the summer of 2014... I payed £105 for mine in May 2014. Yet, people still gladly buy them... incl. myself, I'm both sad and happy to say, because I actually have quite an ambivalent attitude towards this.

On one hand I think its too expensive, but I also like taking home something special, that at the same time, tastes really, really good! On the other hand, my bank account and my common sense screams things like 'enough is enough' and 'it's really gotten way too expensive now' and 'Glendronach is really milking the sherry cow' ... and yet, I still left with 2 bottles (one was for the whisky club, though)

I must be a part of new species... 'spineless whisky anorak'... I wonder what the Latin translation for that is? or if Darwin even had a creature like that in mind... probably (hopefully) not! ;-)

Oh well, at least, Glendronach has put up a bench for us to wait on for the prices to drop ;-)
Meanwhile, you can also read my review of the Hand Bottling available in May 2014...

The Glendronach Distillery 'Waiting for prices to drop'-Bench, May 4th 2014 © The Malt Desk
(It should be crowded!)

Glendronach 1993 21yo (19.02.1993/04.05.2014) 58,6% Ex-Oloroso sherry butt#474, Distillery bottling

Colour is dark nutty brown

Burst of alcohol at first, drying oak, nutty, prune juice, faintest hint of sulphur, the rubbery kind... Licorice, new leather, mint, burnt sugars and massive wine edge, mulled and spiked hot toddys (glögg), balsamico. The alcohol is very much in the lead here and this needs time to settle.

Dry, Dry, Dry! and quite winey, meaning not only sherry but also very much like old tawny ports. Still a slightly dirty edge (read: sulphury hints) to this, but its adds to the experience here. Toasted oak/wood chips/charcoal and heavy on cloves and cinnamon. Water brings out dark rum notes and sweetens and makes everything sweeter, both on the nose and palate, giving off freshly made sticky toffee pudding, hints of dark chocolate and orange

This is quite a demanding whisky and probably not for everyone, due to its very drying style and this comes in on par with the 1993 from batch 10...


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