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Tuesday, 30 December 2014


First of all I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

The Malt Desk will be 3 years in come May 22nd 2015 which some of you know is also the legal age for Scotch Whisky. Think we might celebrate that a little when we reach the end of May :-)

Now, I just mentioned age which is something the Scotch Whisky industry haven't been very good at lately - as it seems they'd rather have no age on their bottlings... a trend I'm sad to say, that's gaining more and more ground with the producers... :-( This topic has it's been covered plenty on here and on many other whisky blogs/vlogs, and I'm afraid that we do have to get used to a range of whiskies where many are now below par in quality and over priced... and until either the whisky bubble bursts or (new) whisky drinkers become aware that whisky used to/can taste better than what's being hitting the market at the moment, we'll just have to settle with what in our cupboards, 'cause life is simple too short for bad whisky.

That said, there are a few producers out there that do put out decent No Age Statement whisky, but they are few and far between - so if you're just starting out on your whisky journey, I suggest you visit as many blogs, forums etc to try and get a lay of the whisky land as regards to the whole No Age Statement concept and from that make up your own mind...

Phew, I had promised myself that the last post in 2014 wasn't going to be a rant on missing age statements and/or anything else, but since its easy (for me) to get passionate about a thing like this, it happened anyway... and to round that off, I'll rub this whole age thing in a bit and do a review of some 40yo whisky from 1968.

Caperdonich 1968 40yo (15.10.1968/04.12.2008) 52% cask#2612, bottle no. 39 of 94, Duncan Taylor

Colour is amber

First think that hits you is the oak, quite a bit actually but once you've gotten used to the nose tingle, it also bring crush pepper, fruit and some of the 52% alcohol. There's spirit filled chocolates, heavy vanilla, bit of varnish, mango chutney, melon, herbs (tyme?) a little hint of flowers and old veneer cigarbox

Gentle arrival and then a rush of fruit and old oak wood spices... Ginger (ale), nutmeg, mint, lemon/lime, honey, som wood shavings and fruits all sort, but mainly the more exotic kind. Finishes mainly on ginger and also some dashes of cinnamon.

This is very much an oak driven dram and it might not be to everyones preference.
I'm actually guessing quite a few will say this has too much oak... and its walking a very fine oak branch here, I agree


Happy New Year 2015!

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