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Wednesday, 10 December 2014


Not long ago, I reviewed a Mortlach from one of my favourite bottlers, Cadenhead. This time, I'll be reviewing one from another favourite bottler of mine, Adelphi...

This expression, I tried at the whisky fair in Dufftown during the Spirit of Speyside Festival in May 2014 and it made me want go buy at bottle immediately, even if it carried a hefty price tag of around £125...

The famous cooling wormtubs of Mortlach - and also a not so pretty angle of the distillery
May 4th 2014 © The Malt Desk

Mortlach 1987 26yo 56,8%, Refill ex-sherry American oak hogshead#3103, 200 bottles, Adelphi

Colour is light amber

Very easy going to begin with a slight fruity, earthy and hint of yeasty note... but after a short while it start to take off, showing multi fruit juice, vanilla, pineapple, oranges and honey'ed notes. It carries that thick Mortlach less-than-subtlety through to your nose in a very civilised manner.... very nice :-)

Huge on tropical fruits, thick mouth feel, oranges, more pineapple, mango, passion fruits, ginger, bit of grass and then a spicy oak rush to make sure the whole thing doesn't get too sweet. Finishes on a fruity/floral burst with ginger shortbread and hint of coconut and salt licorice.

Just delicious!


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