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Saturday, 17 January 2015


In October 2014 I visited Balblair Distillery, but didn't take any whisky with me from there...
To be honest, my suitcase was about full at the time already (well, maybe room for 1 more bottle) but there certainly wasn't room for a Balblair in its very large box.

As I quite like the style of most of of the North Highlanders (Clynelish is one of my favourites and my first malt ever was a Glenmorangie) I made a promise to myself that I would look up some Balblair soon.

On the way home to Denmark, passing through Amsterdam Schiphol Airport I spotted a chance fulfil my promise there already and picked up this 2004/2014 offering at just €40 for 1 liter - a very good price, I think...

Balblair Distillery, October 20th 2014 © The Malt Desk

Balblair 2004/2014 46% 1st release bourbon matured, Distillery bottling

Colour is straw

There's some young spirit lurking underneath the whole thing, making it quite fresh and lively. Vanilla, pear, hint of yeast, some custard and buttermilk along with fresh cut grass. Also some fresh lemony notes in there along with some ginger and a faint mustiness. Water brings out a slight floral/fresh linen note...

Starts with an easy and gentle arrival on vanilla, overripe apple, green banana, malt and gingery notes... It soon turns spicy, though followed by some honeyed notes and showing that above mentioned freshness on the palate as well.

The younger spirit is kept in place by excellent cask management here, but it is still allowed to show its malty freshness. Water makes the whole experience quite spicy/peppery along with resinous notes, dried hops and yeasty notes.

A good dram and probably one most palates can come to terms with...


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