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Wednesday, 14 January 2015


You know your Disco? I barely remember it myself, but apparently a few on The Scotch Malt Whisky Society's tasting panel do remember (or at least know) the Sylvester hit 'you make me fee mighty real' from 1979.

The whisky in this review, however, will not take us that far back - just back to 2001 when the spirit ran off the still at Glen Moray Distillery in Elgin.

It's also boom times at Glen Moray and by the end of 2015 they'll be able to put out 6,5 million liters of spirit annually from 6 pairs of stills :-O quite a bit!

The Visitor centre at Glen Moray Distillery (larger than it looks) October 17th 2014 © The Malt Desk

Glen Moray 2001 (11.12.2001) 12yo 'Y
ou make me fee (mighty real)' 57,9%, 1st fill bourbon barrel, 235 bottles, The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Colour is full straw

Similar bottle is shown

Heavy on the vanilla from the 1st fill bourbon barrel. Haribo wine gums, mint and loads of barley/malt, overripe cherries, hints of a toasted wood and fresh ginger too - but that's all very faint. The main theme here is the massive sweetness.

Very spice on arrival, pepper, a little fresh ginger notes, cumin and nutmeg before another rush of sweetness sets in. Lots of malt, sucrose and artificial sweetener and more vanilla and also some honey to easy off the spicy attack. On the finish this whisky develops some raspberry, caramel and more of that oaky/peppery nip.

Quite a dram! Lots of things happening but it seems like there's just a bit too much oak influence... maybe a year or 2 less in the cask for this one would have done wonders? still not a bad dram though.


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