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Monday, 9 February 2015


These days, everyone is talking about No-Age-Statement whisky and the ifs and how its affecting the whisky business. I've often expressed my feelings about this on here, so (for now at least) I will not go down that road again - Instead I'll take another path, albeit in the same direction...

No age statement whisky is no new invention, in fact many years ago (and I mean many) most whisky didn't carry an age statement at all. Then the whisky marketing campaign set in and told us all that older is better and that's what many people still believe today...

Among the age statement whiskies from about 10 years ago, some distilleries put out the occasional bottling without an age statement on it. These were usually young brutes of whisky at cask strength and bottlings from Glenfarclas, Glenmorangie and Talisker comes to mind... On Islay, Bowmore also did such bottlings and this is what I'll be reviewing below... a no-age-statement whisky from a time when available stock and a faster time-to-market wasn't the reason for a distillery to release a no-age-statement whisky...

The stills at Bowmore Distillery, June 13th 2007 © The Malt Desk

Bowmore Cask Strength 56% bottled app. 2005, Distillery bottling

Colour is dark gold with a reddish hue

Seaside freshness, the Bowmore slightly floral and lighter peaty side shows itself in beautiful measures. There's some fruit notes (artificial melon lemonade - the kind you make from powder) being held back by this briny and air freshener style this one carries - it sounds a bit weird, but this works just beautifully

Powerful yet delicate, peaty but also hints of old garage, that floral again (now FWP) but more like fresh laundry with just a hint of perfume plus some vanilla and tropical fruit. The whole thing is just in near perfect balance

Wow! this works incredibly well! I'd love a full bottle of this this is easy sipping Islay whisky at its best. A whisky from when a no-age-statement whisky was more the odd bottle in a distillery's core range...


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