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Thursday, 26 February 2015


In 2013, the city of Glasgow saw its first new distillery in 100 years.
So far its only making Gin, but The Glasgow Distillery Company is set making whisky and plan to have barley spirit running off of their stills in 2015...

While we wait for that to happen, the gentlemen behind the operation, Ian McDougall and Liam Hughes has sourced some older Speyside casks to get their name associated with whisky...

They call their whisky Prometheus, a Titan from Greek mythology.
Prometheus was the one know for giving the gift of fire to Mankind, but not long after, fire was taken away from man by Zeus. Prometheus, however stole a flame from Mount Olympus and brought it back to Mankind, much like The Glasgow Distillery Company has now brought distilling back to Glasgow.

Carrying only the Prometheus name, the origins of the whisky is only revealed as to it being from a Speyside distillery and matured in sherry casks.

Prometheus 26yo 47%, 1st fill sherry casks, 3000 bottles, The Glasgow Distillery Company

Colour is dark amber

Quite delicious, lots of dark fruits, raisins and figs. Also oranges, toffee, nuts, a slight herbal note (fennel??) and nutmeg in there.

Again dark fruits, orange marmalade, some vanilla, milk chocolate, burnt sugar, dark honey, allspice, cloves and caramelised apple. There's some spicy oak showing on the finish. A couple of drops of water brings out more malt and also calms the tannins.

The whole thing is quite delicious, actually...


This whisky carries a price tag of £430 which sadly makes the target audience for this whisky limited... a shame, really, as its a really good whisky.

1100 bottles will make it onto the European market

Available from March 2015

Official sample and pictures provided by GDC/A wee taste of Scotland DE

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