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Tuesday, 7 April 2015


2 weeks ago, I reviewed the Kilchoman Port Cask which was not to my liking at all, actually its the lowest scoring whisky I've reviewed here on The Malt Desk. 

I've had a few comments from people on that review, both on Facebook and in my inbox, saying how they completely disagree with me on the Port Cask version.. I only have one thing to say - thank the whisky gods we do not all have the same taste! :-)

About a week ago I got offered another Kilchoman sample - a Kilchoman quite mature compared to the Port Cask version which I tried at a recent tasting.

This Kilchoman is the oldest I've seen bottled so far, carrying an ago of just over 8½ years. It's an ex-bourbon cask bottled exclusively for Denmark and this bottling is the remainder of a private cask previously owned by a small group of gentlemen here in Denmark who decided they drink couldn't drink a whole cask of Kilchoman after all. After taking a small share of the cask, the rest was then bought by the Danish importer FC Whisky and released for our enjoyment. This is also the 11th single cask bottled for Denmark...

You can find the rest of the details on the bottling below.

Kilchoman Single Cask No. 11 for Denmark © The Malt Desk

Kilchoman 2006 8yo (xx.07.2006/05.02.2015) 55,9%, ex-bourbon cask#165/2006, 250 bottles, Distillery bottling for FC Whisky Denmark

Colour is straw

Lots of peat smoke and vanilla from the cask - all very fresh and lively and appearing very mature and well balanced. Very active oak - probably a first fill cask - shows a hint of what Kilchoman is about to become when gaining a little age.

There's both citrus and apple in here and I already mentioned vanilla. The smoke develops to have a character much like a smokehouse with both vegetal and meaty notes - quite intriguing! There's also a little farm yard to be found in here...

Very nice! Very creamy arrival. It lends a big smoky hit followed by a rush of sweetness, mainly on vanilla and fruits. Some peppery notes then rushes through accompanied by the ever present sweet peat.

The finish shows a hint of varnish, camp fire smoke and pine resin, however this doesn't ruin the overall feeling that this is a very well polished Kilchoman and if this is a sign of things to come, we're in for some treats...

Did I mention how creamy this is? even at almost 56%?

A lovely youngster, this one... and since there's no ½ point here on The Malt Desk it reaches *drum roll*


Finally, thanks to Soren from Skjold Burne Vinhandel for the sample!

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