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Sunday, 24 May 2015


Its now been almost 4 weeks since my last post.

Why? Well, those of you that follow The Malt Desk on Facebook will have noticed I've spent much of that time in Scotland - 2 of those weeks, in fact - starting the tour by attending the Spirit of Speyside Festival and the moving on to Ardnamurchan, Campbeltown, Arran and finally Islay... and what a great trip it has been... there have been lots of good whisky in good company.

A big thanks to the 5 guys who also attended - you know who you are :-)

About a week after I returned from Scotland, The Malt Desk also turned 3 years old and although this has not been celebrated yet (online, at least!)  whisky has been had - don't worry :-) !

Where will The Malt Desk head from here, I hear you ask?

Not quite sure, actually... there's movements and trends in the whisky industry which I find... not very appealing - and the same thing can be said about trends on the edge of the industry - like the bottle hunters currently at large at the Islay Feis Ile 2015 at the moment - selling their bottlings on FleaBay (read: Ebay) the moment they get their hands on a bottle. I know this has been going on for years, but now there's more and more people just into whisky just because of a quick profit and I find this VERY sad!

Anyway, I'll keep reviews going on a regular basis along with the occasional report and rant - and then we just have to see where we end up, don't we? :-)

If you want to keep up, be sure to follow The Malt Desk on Twitter (@themaltdesk) and on Facebook. There's some pictures on there from the recent trip to Scotland to be enjoyed :-)

Oh, and finally - Don't worry! I won't be removing the age statement from my blog, even though its only 3 years old ;-)


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