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Thursday, 4 June 2015


Those of you that follow The Malt Desk on Facebook might have noticed that during my 2 week trip to Scotland in the first half of May, I brought a bottle of old Bruichladdich from my personal stash with me back to Islay to end its days there...

Pretty fitting, don't you think? a bottle like that going full circle... :-)

It was enjoyed on the rock in front of the distillery and the rest of it at our guesthouse in Bowmore.

So how was this old Laddie?

A bottle gone full circle, Islay -> Denmark -> Islay, May 9th 20 15 © The Malt Desk

Bruichladdich 1966 40yo (xx.01.1966/xx.05.2006) 41,6%, Cask#200, 170 bottles total, Duncan Taylor

Colour is dark amber

This just reeks of old whisky, both in style and from the maturation. The nose is just lovely...

A herb garden, bit of mustiness, wet licorice root, some varnish, old painters storage room, fresh crushed green leaves and some sweet malt all the way in the back

Quite intriguing!

Obviously some oak present, but not overly so... bit drying, but then a rush of dried tropical fruits with green banana being very dominant. Also some ginger in here along with cumin and coriander.

The whole thing finished again on a bit of a dry spell and malt.

Verdict on the old Laddie?

I like it, alot... but I'm not a 100% fan because of its slight imbalance with its herbal and drying side...


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