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Friday, 12 June 2015


You've probably seen my review of the 1966 Bruichladdich I brought 'home' to Islay to drink empty...

A very good whisky compadre of mine did the same thing for this trip - only he brought a bottle of Rare Malt 1978 22yo Port Ellen to finish - what a great guy, eh? :-)

Here's my take on it...

Port Ellen Bay, May 12th 2015 © The Malt Desk 2015

Port Ellen 1978 22yo (October 2000) 60,5%, Rare Malt Selection

Colour is straw

Very fresh and lively, lots of what I'd call ozone freshness, but also quite a lot of peat and sweetness, like some very discreet refill sherry casks. Add some seashore saltiness and a mineral note as well - like some rubble going through a grinder. Also some vanilla in there along with a style I can only refer to as a Clynelish-like waxiness, tar/chimney in there as well + some fruit note I can't quite put my finger on... The whole thing is quite balanced... even at 60,5%

Is this really 60,5%?? its quite gentle, actually... though maybe you have to be a regular cask strength whisky drinker to think like that... We got peat and smoke in here, of course, but never in more that it allows some lovely boiled fruit notes, some lemon and peppery spices to come though. There's quite a coastal/maritime edge to this one as well with more tar, salt, and what I'd imagine licking a lobster pod would taste like.

Everything comes perfect measures, no note outweighs the others - which is makes this close to, if not, a classic!!

Finally, a huge thanks to MBO for bringing this bottle to Islay!


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