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Friday, 24 July 2015


A little over a year ago, I reviewed an earlier version of the AnCnoc 1975, bottled in 2005 - and its was very nice whisky indeed!

Recently, a good whisky friend of mine, provided me with the opportunity to try the 1975 bottled in 2014 which I of course was very happy to do :-)

During the Spirit of Speyside I also toured the distillery for the first time and a visit to the place is highly recommended. Its a smaller distillery, but its run by a group of people who really takes pride in the place and its whisky and it shows! 

As I mentioned in my previous AnCnoc review, call ahead as they're a working distillery and the good folk there will try and fit you in...

Some old tools of the trade at Knockdhu Distillery, May 4th 2015 © The Malt Desk

AnCnoc 1975 (2014) 44,2%, 1590 bottles,  Limited Edition, Distillery bottling

Colour is nutty brown

Old lacquered cigar box, obvious oak, but the kind that provides dark honeyed notes. Alcohol soaked plums, overripe oranges and apricot, coffee with milk and lots of sugar, dark chocolate biscuits and old wood. Polished leather in there too and sometimes it seems like there's a little peat in this one?

Bitter sweet sherry, hints of ginger, Danish spice cake and then oranges again, but there's also some sweet tropical fruit in here which makes me think of older BenRiach and/or Tomatin, add to that a very thin layer of thin cream caramel coating and a dusting of cocoa and wet tobacco leaves. Again I get the sense of a little peat, especially on the finish...

This is fantastic stuff and I'd take a bottle if it wasn't to damn expensive!

Finally, thanks to Stuart Terris for the sample


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