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Wednesday, 1 July 2015


During the Spirit of Speyside Festival this spring, I -along with a few friends- had the pleasure of dropping by Benromach Distillery on our Sunday drive.

Success had clearly reached Benromach as they were expanding the parking lot and a coach from one of the Spirit of Speyside tours were already to be found in the parking area.

I'm always happy to see a distillery succeed, so Benromach (G&M), please promise me you'll keep you values and virtues intact in these booming times :-)

One of the whiskies adding to the success of Benromach is the recently released 15yo expression, a whisky been wanting to have a crack at since I first read about its release...

Here's my take on it:

The red chimney landmark at Benromach, May 2nd 2014 © The Malt Desk

Benromach 15yo (2015), 43% - Distillery bottling

Colour is dark amber

Classic sherry Speyside profile + an added dose of smokiness - lovely!
Some lively oak here, hints of pencil shaving, lots of spices, ginger and chili bbq rub and slightly peppery with sweet wine that has a slightly dirty edge to it.

A few drops of water brings out charred oak, bonfire notes, distinct wet topsoil note and dark chocolate orange sticks

A gentle smoky sweet arrival, like a mild bbq sauce style with honey glace along with some orange. Quite some dark fruits in there mid palate, mainly prunes and plums, and add to that a thick toffee coating.

Water brings out a garden fruit style style... like maybe apples left too long and starting to turn brown and also smoky nutty flavour but also flattens the whole experience a bit. The smoky notes lasts quite a while along with a little malt

Quite nice as a dessert whisky, I'd say - even though I feel it lacks a little punch and I'd drink this one without water. Would love to try this one at Cask Strength though...


Official sample provided by Gordon & MacPhail / Benromach

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