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Wednesday, 9 September 2015


Just like shops have bottlings done for them - like then one I mentioned in my previous review, bottlings are also done as country exclusives.

One such is the 1998 16yo bottled for Denmark. It doesn't have a fancy name like the last one, but it is a lovely sherried edition, actually quite noticeably more than the the one in the previous review.

Heavy sherry doesn't make a whisky though, it also needs good spirit - so let's check this one out...

The Arran Malt 1998 16yo (17.08.1998/20.10.2014) 55,3% sherry hogshead#1998/1129, 260 bottles, Distillery bottling for Denmark

Colour is dark amber

Lots of dried fruits, sultana raisins, figs and also hint of orange/apricot. It also releases some peppery spices, enhanced a bit by the alcohol. Leaving it for a bit lets the sherry really pop out accompanied by a very enjoyable maltiness.

Quite a pungent sherry presence but never over the top - it lets the malt shine along with some orange chocolate, dark honey and cocoa dust and hint of marzipan. Some dark sweet cherry appears on an almost perfect balanced finish had a drying spicyness not show its face on the finish, but is really just me trying to find trying to find something to put a finger on.

This was also voted the winner of flight no. 1 consisting of the first 4 bottles from the left in the above picture.
This is great stuff! 


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