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Saturday, 5 September 2015


Whiskybase.com has a nice habit of once in a while releasing bottles exclusively bottled for their website/shop. One of the more recent was a 15yo Arran bottled in April this year - and one that fit perfectly into my lineup the verticale.

The bottling was named 'My Precious' by the guys at Whiskybase.
The reason for that was that there was already to other private cask bottlings out there (not by whiskybase, though) with references to names from The Lord of the Rings. Those bottlings were The Dark Lord and The White Wizard and the guys at Whiskybase thought it would be very appropriate with a follow-up to that... and if you like a whisky very much, why not call it ... 'My Precious' :-)

Another fun fact not normally disclosed about this bottling is that its actually a re-racking, meaning it has spent the first years of its life in one cask before being transferred to another. This one was re-racked in 2004 from a cask of unknown origin and then spent the remaining years in its sherry hogshead.

Anyway, here's my take on 'My Precious':

The Arran Malt 2000 15yo (24.02.2000/02.04.2015) 56,9%, Sherry hogshead#2000/135, 220 bottles, Distillery for Whiskybase.com

Colour is Amber

Liquid caramel (Dooleys), brown sugar apple saute, cinnamon sticks, honey and choco müsli bars. Also a slight mentholated (cold) feeling is given off of the nose along with hints of orange and a few mashy notes. Lovely!

Very mouth coating, creme brulee burnt sugar, vanilla, apple again and lots of oils and malt. Again we also have cinnamon, fresh raisins, a slight floral hint, mixed bag candies fruits - the supermarket snack bag, some faded gingery notes and a little pepper

This is good stuff, no doubt! Unfortunately its sold out...


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