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Tuesday, 26 April 2016


Its been a while... In fact its been close to 2 months since my last post.
Why? Kinda ended up in a whisky existential crisis combined with a bit of a writers block, I think...

Anyways, I'm back and will be kicking off with a review of a Bowmore from The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. It's funny really, that I pick up again here as I often struggle a bit with Bowmore. Often, I steer clear of Bowmores, especially those dreaded perfumy ones from the 80's. I know some love that profile lavender profile in the 80's bottlings, but I just can't stand it. Now, I'm perfectly aware that the more recent ones from the early to mid-90's and onwards has almost completely shed that style but its still not that often I go there - so tastings and launches, like the ones done by The Scotch Malt Whisky Society are perfect opportunities to get ones Bowmore tasting library refreshed.

The latest Society outturn here in Denmark had the 3.256 as one of its Islay whiskies. The Caol Ila (53.234) was heavily promoted, but not at all what it was made out to be - well, according to my taste anyway, so instead I ventured to Bowmore for a bit more moderately smoky profile - and I was not to be disappointed. I took a full bottle home right then and there!

Here's a more in-depth look...

Bowmore Distillery on a quiet summer evening, 13th June 2007 © The Malt Desk

Bowmore 1996 3.256 (27.03.1996/xx.xx.2015) 19yo 'Hebridian Holiday Tingle' 57,4%, Refill ex-bourbon hogshead, 258 bottles, The Scotch malt Whisky Society

Colour is full gold

Distinctly Bowmore but at the same time, very subdued. Its quite delicate, there's the fresh floral Bowmore note, yes... but its wrapped in modest measure of peat, vanilla, honey melon, a coastal salt water note - burning seaweed and shellfish cooked directly on the shore. Add to that healthy amount of alcohol as a delivery agent of the above notes and everything just hits the spot! Delicate and sophisticated!

Quite mellow for a 57%+ whisky on the first arrival, but then WHAM !! You get an explosion of flavours. A BBQ curry sauce, Sweet peat smoke, loads of sweet honey, brown sugar glaze, burnt spiced chicken skins, quite a bit of burnt smoked apple, a garden fire - burning flowers, foliage, honey and sweet charred mustard and wood.

Brilliant - just brilliant, I keep wanting to top up my glass!

As of 26 April 2016 its still available at the Danish branch of The Scotch Malt Whisky Society at around €120/£94 at today's exchange rate.

No half point here, so this goes all the way up to...